Sunday, July 4, 2010

BabyStep 26: Jump In Where You Are

Much like my post from last Memorial Day, I also spent this holiday at home doing housework.  My roommate is away on his annual camping trip with his family and I decided not to go visit at my parents' this week.  Without Roomie here to feed my cats I would have had to just made it a day trip and I really just didn't feel up to it.
So- instead of grilling various meats and watching fireworks, I stayed home and did my FlyLady work as though it was any other day.  I slept in a little (a whole hour- whoo hoo!) before my cat Emily decided I'd had enough and stood on my chest demanding I get up and feed her.  I took my sweet time doing my morning routine (which on any normal day would be finished by 10AM but today drug out until Noon), and then set out to do a couple errands. 
My afternoon routine included some extra deep-cleaning that needed to be done.  The ceiling fan in the kitchen was just encrusted with thick dust that wouldn't budge with a regular dusting, so I had to get up on a stool to wipe it all off.  The glass shades that go around the light bulbs will be run though the dishwasher tonight.  Hopefully I will never have to do this again as long as I maintain it with my Weekly Home Blessing dusting.
I picked more mulberries from the tree outside the balcony; I'm doing this almost everyday because I can tell it's season is almost over and I want to freeze as many as I can before it stops giving for the year.  I have been using them in pies at work and they are quite yummy!
Now my day is almost over, but that's OK! I didn't have to work today because of the holiday, and my usual days off this time of year are Monday and Tuesday, so for me this is a long weekend!  That means that while the rest of you sucka's are taking part of the daily grind tomorrow, I'll be kicking back and doing nothing!  OK, that's a lie.  I'll be re-organizing my kitchen cabinets.
Today's BabyStep was pretty easy; I was to take note of the bottom of any email FlyLady has sent out.  On every single one she reminds us that we are not behind and to jump right in wherever they are.  Got it.  No witty commentary or deep contemplative thoughts on this one.
Oh yeah- Happy 4th of July!