Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is Not a Real Post.

Hello out there (assuming anyone is still listening)!  Just like the title states, this is not a real post.  It's going to be more of a photo dump.  After more issues with my teeth and continued dealings with a sick cat, I just really haven't felt like writing.  I think about writing a lot, I even do projects and take pictures to go along with blog posts, but very seldom do I even actually feel like writing.  If there are any fellow bloggers reading this, you understand that writing a blog post can be a long, tiresome project.  I always attempt to make each post as perfect as I can before publishing, and that can take hours.  And, when I don't feel like spending hours writing/editing a post until it is perfect, I simply don't do anything at all.  And then this blog sits silent, which is boring.  Sometimes I feel like I can actually hear readers unsubscribing every day that goes by without posting.  So today I am just hashing this out, minimal editing, in an attempt to just post SOMETHING.  Hopefully it will help get me out of my "I don't feel like blogging" slump.  So here you go.

The following is nothing more than a series of pictures I took two days ago when I suddenly felt like doing something resembling actual cleaning.  They are nothing more than simple before and after shots of key areas I targeted as needing extra attention.  I used my iPhone to take them, so they kind of suck.  I really need to just start using my real camera again, but the iPhone is just so handy.  (Read: I'm lazy).  On to the pics!

Video shelf before. (The beer bottles so belong to the Tall Cute Guy.  I hate beer!)
Video shelf after.
Night stand before.  (Have I mentioned I'm a Coke addict?)
Night stand after.
Bathroom shelves before.
Bathroom shelves after.
Bathroom sink before.
Bathroom sink after.
Overall view of the clean bathroom.
Ok, that wasn't so bad.  The post is far from perfect, but if I aim for perfect every time nothing will ever get done/written.  Sometimes you just have to settle for "good enough".