Monday, August 9, 2010

When Laziness Takes Over: A Pictorial

The past few days I've allowed laziness to set in and have totally neglected my routines.  I have even neglected basic things like throwing away the packaging from my Ramen noodles or empty pop cans.  The place is a wreck.

There is no real reason for this, I just don't feel like doing much of anything right now.  Aren't I allowed a couple days of having zero responsibilities? (OK, not zero, I have been feeding the cats.  Only because if I didn't, they would eat me while I slept.)

I don't feel as though I have fallen off the FlyLady bandwagon, I'm simply taking a brief hiatus from anything chore-related.  It's actually kind of nice not constantly thinking about what cleaning task I have to do next, or if I remembered to set my timer for the laundry. What hasn't been nice is the fact that if someone walked into the apartment right now I would be mortified, even though picking up the mess would take maybe 45 minutes tops. Me no likey this feeling.

All is well though, since tomorrow it's back to business and I will be getting the place in order so I can have an easy-go of it come Wednesday when I go back to work.  Photographic evidence of the current state of the place has been taken however so I can share my embarrassing lapse in housekeeping with all of you.  Reader beware...

Un-shiny sink.

Cluttered counter tops.

Clean laundry not being put away on top of the dishwasher full of clean dishes also not being put away.

Un-made bed/couch.

Close-up of my end table.

Binx lying amongst dirty laundry on the bathroom floor.

Emily asleep on the chair.  This one was just for the cuteness factor.

Well, those were the highlights.  Just keeping it real people, just keeping it real.  There was a reason I named this blog FlyLady Flunky- I tend to have little lapses like this, some just longer than others.  In my defense, I warned my roommate before he came home from dog sitting today that the place was a wreck.  When he walked in he looked confused and said "I thought you said the house was a mess!" I guess like beauty, a mess is in the eyes of the beholder.


Dr.Kim August 10, 2010 at 12:17 AM  

I SO understand. Love the honesty!