Friday, July 23, 2010

FLYing Into The Past

Take a good look at this house.  14 rooms available for viewing, including hallways and staircases.  Tramped through by hundreds of visitors per week.  Spiders who seem to re-web the place overnight.  Flies.  Mice.  1 staff member present for 6 hours per day, 5 days a week who has to somehow keep it clean in their "free time" between aforementioned  visitors, of both human and critterly nature.  Oy.  Double oy. 

This house is just one of the 10 buildings I am responsible for creating make-shift Control Journals for in the historical village where I work.  My boss has dubbed me the "Beautification Police" for the village side, and a friend of mine for the crafts side of the museum.  We've decided we want badges and tiaras as our uniform.  Management has yet to comply.

I began with the house I described because it is the largest in the village and I knew it would also be the hardest to figure out a way for one staff member to handle all the cleaning involved in the little time available.  I think I did an OK job, though it may have to be tweaked once the system is up and running to work out any kinks.  One thing I'm almost sure of- the young gentleman who will become the full-time interpreter in this house come late August is going to hate me, no matter how easy and streamlined I try to make this for him.  It is such a large house he will have to do more a day than anyone else just to keep up with it all on a regular basis. 

My house is the second largest in the village, with 13 areas needing to be cleaned.  A few of the buildings do not have full-time staff in them, so I have taken it upon myself to get in there once in a while to keep down the spiders and sweep the floors.  I started implementing a FlyLady-esque system to help me maintain the place awhile back and so far it's been working out pretty well.  However, on days like today where the heat index reached near 100 degrees it is rather easy to let my chores fall by the wayside...allowing the spiders to move right back in. 

All this to explain why I haven't finished off my BabySteps like I said I would- I'm busy trying to type these Control Journals up so my fellow historical interpreters can FLY!