Friday, July 30, 2010

BabyStep 31: I'm FLYing!

I did it, I did it, I did it! Yeah, I did it! Sorry, that stupid Dora song always gets stuck in my head.  Speaking of my head, it is absolutely pounding so this is gonna be really short.  I just felt the need to post up the last BabyStep which is basically FlyLady's way of telling us that even though we have completed the BabySteps this is not the end.  Now is the time to start picking up the other bits of the system (most of which I have been dabbling with for awhile) and keep on FLYing.

As a side note- even though I'm done with the BabySteps I am going to continue writing about my experience with FlyLady here on this blog.  I sincerely apologize for this lame and wit-less post,  and for the fact I have not been posting as much as I'd like lately.  Life has kept me busy and I am so not kidding about my head killing me.  It's hard to see straight right now.  I will not be able to post again until Tuesday at the earliest, so until then adios!