Monday, April 26, 2010

BabyStep 4: Attack Of The Post-Its

As you may have noticed, I decided to use Post-It Notes as a design element for this FlyLady blog, and BabyStep 4 is a perfect example as to why. FlyLady is all about the Post-Its. Today I was instructed to write down everything I am already doing (shining the sink, getting dressed to shoes, and reading the FlyLady group messages on, and writing this all down on Post-Its which will hang above my kitchen sink and bathroom mirror. Ugh.

I can't even tell you how much I detest these Post-Its. I can remember the first time I tried FlyLady, how cute I thought they were. There they were, my little badges of honor hanging up for everyone to see, proof I was doing something to better myself. Then something shifted, and they started to annoy me.

For one thing, I think they look tacky. Nothing says class like yellow Post-Its hanging everywhere. Second, I got tired of explaining them to people.

"What's this note hanging above the sink?"

"Well, there is this lady called FlyLady, and she teaches you how to get rid of CHAOS by implementing a Control Journal and teaches you how to FLY."

"Say what now?"

But, for the sake of the project and this blog, I begrudgingly eagerly wrote out two new notes and attached them securely above the sink and bathroom mirror:

We'll just see how long they last there. I came across an iPhone app called Stick It, which is a handy (and cute!) little app that allows you to create digital sticky notes and place them as wallpaper on your iPhone.

I actually use the free version which limits the amount of available note designs and backgrounds, but it does the job and is great if you just want to try it out. My plan is to phase out the real Post-Its and just get my reminders from my Stick It app. And believe me, I look at my phone a lot more than I look at the sink or mirror.

And, for a little accountability, let's pan down from the first picture and check out how I'm doing with keeping my sink shiny:

Oh yeah, that's right, it's still looking good! We'll just see how long that lasts, too...


Anonymous,  May 31, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

I know this is an older post, but I thought your blog is so cute that I decided to read it "from the ground up".

You're doing a great job! I use the Stick It App too. If you like the free version, stay with that. There's not much difference in the paid version.