Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!

Yeah, I know.  I haven't blogged since September.  That's pretty bad.  Guess what?  I fell off the FlyLady system too.  Shocker.  As per usual, I burned out on FlyLady and blogging.  This time they just happened at the same time.  Probably because I blog about FlyLady. Go figure!  I'm hoping that with this post I can Babystep my way back into doing my routines and posting on a more regular basis.  I'm actually surprised I even have followers left- I expected you all to get bored and abandon me.  How surprised was I when I logged on to see that I actually have more followers than I did the last time I posted?!  It's most likely thanks to Rosie from HomeRoutines for putting me on her web site's blog roll.  Thanks Rosie!

I actually tried to get back into the swing of things a couple weeks ago by finally modifying my routines and Zone work to better reflect my current living situation.  Then, two days later, my iPhone broke.  Broke with no hope of repair.  I had to buy a new one.  Suckage!  When I got home I went to sync the new phone to my laptop to get all my apps, music, etc. uploaded.  And, what do you know- my laptop decided to wheeze it's last breath at that very moment.  This death would involve buying a new mother board to resurrect it, and that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  So, I had to manually upload all my apps, ask everyone for phone numbers, blah blah blah.  I'm using my mother's laptop for the time being, but this little setback-turned-project got me discouraged and annoyed so FLYing got put on hold again.

Now I'm back, phone has stuff on it (I still miss my music, hopefully a friend can remove my old hard drive and retrieve my files) and I have access to a working laptop.  I have recreated my routines and am working my way back into doing them.  My "suite" (the term I am now using to describe the 2 bedrooms and bathroom I occupy in my parents' house) actually looks pretty good.  I'm sitting here dressed to shoes, but no makeup yet.  That will come in a couple hours when I go out for the evening.  Overall, not bad for a FlyLady Flunky.


♥ helen December 29, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

I`m glad you are back :) I have falled of the wagon too and I really need my routines back. I will start from the beginning again with the babysteps from the beginning of a new year, and I look forward to it.