Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BabyStep 15: Between The Sheets

My mission:  Make the bed and add this step to my Morning Routine.  Did I do it? Yes!  Not that it took much of an effort, cause, I sleep on a couch, and um, yeah, there is no way to really make that look pretty.  Plus, I was supposed to do it as soon as my feet hit the floor, and that is so not gonna happen.

It goes more like this: Wake up, go to the bathroom, feed the cats, go outside and have my morning smoke (don't judge me!) while I read my morning messages from FlyLady on my iPhone, then come back in and make the bed.  These things must happen first.  (I am really all about italics in this post, aren't I?)

Anyway, here is the before pic I took last night of my couch/bed:

Blech.  I used to take the sheets off every morning and leave them folded up on a chair until I went to bed that night.  This got to be a pain really quick.  It was like having to change your sheets  Eventually my roommate and I decided that the couch actually looked better with my bedding left on (it's an ugly couch), so it stayed.  But, it only looked nice if it was actually made.  Otherwise, it looked like the above picture- a mess.  By the way-the striped pillow is totally my roommate's, it's one of his "living room pillows for naps." It totally annoys me how it clashes with my nice-ish bedding. I would also like to point out that the towels and blankets being used as curtains in the background are also the bane of my existence and not my doing.  I live with a boy.  Enough said? Ugh.  Now for the after pic:

Better! (Except for the "curtains"...)  Notice how I am trying to hide the striped pillow? I realize that yes, this is just a couch with sheets and a coverlet thrown over it, but it's really the best I can do.  I didn't "win" my bed in my breakup (it was a mutual purchase), and even if I had there is no place for me to put it in this apartment.  It was such a nice bed too...

It had book shelves down the sides...

And storage space underneath...

It was even prettier in my last apartment with my robin's-egg-blue walls.  These were taken when we lost our jobs and had to move in with my parents.  Sigh.  I miss my bed.  I got more satisfaction out of making it.  Am I whining?  Too bad.  I sleep on a couch. 


Tammy W May 13, 2010 at 2:36 PM  

That was indeed a very nice bed! Sorry lady. Is there hope of a real bed in the future??

Chandra May 13, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

Oh, I'm sure I won't be on a couch for the rest of my life (gulp, I hope...) but for the forseeable future I'm still slummin' on the couch.